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Designing a Great Kitchen
How to avoid the top 10 mistakes in kitchen design
1) The Work Triangle
There are few universal truths in kitchen design, but one is
that if the distances between the sink, stove and
refrigerator are too far or interrupted with pathways, door
openings or islands, your kitchen will not function well.  
Try your best to keep the work triangle separate from
where guests or children will gather or walk through.
Follow these strategies to avoid the top 10 kitchen design mistakes and you will
be well on your way to creating a kitchen that works as wonderfully as it looks.
2) Island Design
Islands can be wonderful workspaces and kitchen centers
or they could be literal roadblocks to the proper
function of your kitchen.  Bigger is not always better; the
island should be in proportion with the size of the
room.  The space between the island and the counters
behind should be at least 3”-6” , but not more than
4’-0”.  One can use the island to separate the work
triangle from the gathering area in the kitchen.
3) Refrigerator Placement
This is a key element in the kitchen because it is part of
the work triangle, but also needs to be easily accessible by
the rest of the household as well.   Its placement should
be on the edge of the work triangle so that the work
triangle is not interrupted every time someone wants a
glass of milk or an apple.  It should be positioned near the
kitchen table for easy access during mealtime.
4) Trends
We have all walked into a lime green kitchen and
wondered what could they have been thinking.  The
answer is they were following the trends of the day.  If
you want your kitchen to last longer than bell bottom
jeans, choose a timeless palette.  Be adventurous and
original in your accessories, but not in the “hardscapes”.
5) Garbage
Next to the sink, the garbage will be your most frequent
stop in the kitchen, and now with recycling, the space
demands for this purpose has increased immensely. A little
pail under the sink will no longer do it.  Position this cabinet
well and if possible have dual pails for dual functions.
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