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“I can not recommend Nick Cusano highly enough. When my wife
and I decided to build our dream house a few years ago, I was
fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Nick. I was
impressed with the man himself immediately. He was courteous,
personable and seemed extremely knowledgeable. When visited a
couple of his projects, I was even more impressed. The attention to
detail and quality was unmistakeable. He listened intently to what
we wanted and then presented us with his ideas, which were very
impressive. Even more impressive was how he adapted his ideas to
our suggestions to his original design. The result was a truly
magnificent home a testimonial to our dream and his skills. He
remained attentive and punctual throughout the project. His
knowledge and relationships with contractors capable of building
what we wanted was invaluable. Every contractor that worked on
the project said the same thing, "You are fortunate to have an
architect like Nick Cusano." In addition to his skills as an architect,
he is one of the most genuine and caring individuals I have ever
had the pleasure of working with. I simply can not recommend him
highly enough. Those who use him in the future will be most
fortunate. He makes dreams come true."
September 23, 2008

-Mark Scudiery
hired Nick as an Architect in 2005

“I worked with Nick to design an addition to my early 1900's
farmhouse that blended seamlessly with the original structure while
achieving all the enhanced functionality we needed. Nick has a
great appreciation for older/historic homes and his sense of
humour makes the sometimes trying planning and building process
very enjoyable. If you want to work with someone who will live,
eat and breathe your project, bring creativity to the process, and
keep thinking about it all the way thru till the final product, Nick is
your guy.”
September 22, 2008

-Bob Patton
hired Nick as an Architect in 2001

“Nick Cusano is a highly skilled and capable Architect. His buildings
draw from the classic and the contemporary. His dedication to each
project is reflected as you approach the building and then as you
experience each well considered interior space. The final product is
a building that is visually stunning and begs you to enter.
Professionally he is exciting and easy to work with. A great team
September 25, 2008

-John Olivo, Landscape Architect, B.W. Bosenberg and Co.
was with another company when working with Nick at Cusano Associates

“Nick and his team were a pleasure to work with...knowledgable,
accessible and responsive. We didn't have a large budget, but he
made us feel like we were a big-budget client. He was there when
we had questions, and even though we had some obstacles along
the way, Nick still found a way to create a plan that met our wants
and needs. We've been enjoying our addition for almost a year,
and a big part of our success was Nick's insight and talent. I highly
recommend Cusano Associates.”
September 3, 2008

-Frederick Schmitt
hired Nick as an Architect in 2007
Award of Excellence
Mendham Township Historic Preservation Committee