House Maintenance and Safety Tips

House Maintenance

Maintenance Make sure dryer vents and chimney flues are cleaned and maintained regularly (At least once per year, or more often depending on use). If your fireplace has an ash pit make sure it is cleaned out regularly and that it is sealed correctly.  Check flues and connections of the furnace/ boiler/ water heater to […]

Sustainable Green Design in Residential Architecture


It is an incredibly dynamic time in the world of sustainable design. Years of research, innovation, and trial and error are starting to make great strides in creating better and more environmentally friendly products and energy efficient methods of heating, cooling and powering our homes.  Unfortunately, for the lay person, there are still more questions […]

Seven Keys to Building a Great House

Great House

Bigger isn’t better, Better is better In most cases, even if the resources are there to build bigger, it is not to the betterment of the project.  From the perspective of usability, maintenance, taxes, scale, and aesthetics, larger houses become much more demanding and difficult.  The moderately sized, well-designed, detailed and constructed house will always […]

How to avoid the top 10 mistakes in kitchen design

kitchen design

Sometimes in all the excitement of new appliances, gorgeous tiles and wonderful cabinets, we forget that beneath it all, the kitchen must meet its primary function as a place where food is stored and cooked.  Yes, it is the center of the household and the favored gathering place of every party, but this should not […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Acquiring and Renovating an Antique Home


There is something incredibly alluring about an antique home. Its allure goes beyond any one physical aspect or detail, the home’s magnetism lies in the overall sensation it provides you.   An antique home silently expresses the culmination of experiences that occurred within its walls; from the storms weathered, the holidays celebrated, to wobbly first steps […]